10.4 Protection of PERSON and ROLE Objects

When "mnt-by:" was made mandatory on these objects a circular dependency was created. A person object must be maintained and a mntner must reference an existing person. Therefore, a new user who has no data in the RIPE Database must follow the procedure in the section, 'New Organisation Startup' to get started.

There is a legacy of person and role objects that still do not have a "mnt-by:" attribute. This must be added when the object is next modified.

In order to remind users to maintain this legacy personal data, warning messages are generated in the acknowledgement message. Every time a person or role object is referenced that is not maintained, a warning will remind the user to protect their personal object. Every time a mntner object is referenced where the mntner has a reference to a person or role object that is not maintained, another warning message is generated.