10.12 Referencing an IRT Object

The irt object can be referenced in inetnum and inet6num objects. This reference is made by adding an optional "mnt-irt:" attribute to the inet(6)num object with the value set to the name of the irt object. Adding a reference to an irt object requires authorisation from the irt object. Authorisation can be approved by any of the credentials referenced in any of the "auth:" attributes of the irt object. The authorisation will not default to the "mnt-by:" attributes of the irt object if no suitable credential is found in the "auth:" attributes, and, in this case, the update will fail.

Authorisation from the irt object is only required when a "mnt-irt:" attribute is added to a referencing object, either on creation or by modification. The irt authorisation is required in addition to the authorisation of the individual object itself.