Parent Object
This object is one level up (less specific) in a hierarchy of INETNUM or INET6NUM objects.
 Parse / Parsing
Analyse (a string or text) into logical syntactic components, typically in order to test conformability to a logical grammar.
 Personally Identifiable Information
A legal phrase that means information that can be used to identify a person.
IP address prefixes are patterns which match the first n binary bits of an IP address where n is the prefix.
 Prefix Notification
Specifies ranges using two parts: the starting address and its length (or prefix).
 Primary Key
A unique identifier in the RIPE Database within a set of objects of the same type.
 Primary Objects
The set of objects that contain all the operational data in the RIPE Database. All other (secondary) objects are there to support the primary objects.
An attribute added to an object, or an update message, that is not part of the RPSL object structure. It is needed for the management of the object(s) in the update message. For example supplying a password for an update using the “password:” pseudo attribute.