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RIPE Database Release 1.92

You’re viewing an archived page. It is no longer being updated.

Date of Deployment

Release Candidate (RC) environment: 3 August 2018

Production Database: 4 September 2018

New or Improved Features

Release 1.92 mainly includes changes related to NWI-5 (Out of region ROUTE(6)/AUT-NUM objects).

Implementation details can be found on the Impact Analysis for NWI 5 Implementation page.

In this release, there are separate FTP split files, database dump and NRTM streams for the RIPE and RIPE-NONAUTH (out of region) sources.

Incremental Changes


  • Added separate sources for NWI-5.
  • Replace short-format attribute names on update (#501)
  • Fixed rtr-set members and mp-members syntax (#499)


  • Added nonauth source to database dump and split files for NWI-5.


  • Fixed URL path in REST API redirect for objects with nonauth source.


  • Refactored redirect for objects with nonauth source.
  • Added nonauth source to "--list-sources" response.
  • Removed empty line between sources in "-q sources" response.


  • Removed references to the RPSL maintainer.


  • Make source comparison case-insensitive (fixes lookup bug for object with lowercase source value).

  • Introduced a limit on the maximum number of concurrent fulltext searches to prevent memory exhaustion.