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RIPE Database Release 1.89

Date of Deployment

Release Candidate (RC) environment: 4 May 2017

Production environment: N/A

New or Improved Features

Release 1.89 contains a number of small improvements:

  • Include information on who changed an object in update responses if SSO or PGPKEY is used for authentication
  • Added Zonemaster for improved domain object (and nameserver) validation
  • Fixed NRTM client bugs #279 and #294

The complete list of other minor issues solved by this release can be found here:

Release 1.89.1

Production environment: 22 May 2017

This release fixes an issue that was found in release 1.89 in the Release Candidate environment, where the abuse contact was sometimes returned incorrectly for ASNs. Release 1.89 was not deployed to production.

Release 1.89.2

Production environment: 23 May 2017

This release updates the configuration for "Zonemaster". Note that the new "Zonemaster" validation support included in 1.89.x is not enabled yet, but can be enabled or disabled manually without the need for a core whois release.

The feature was enabled in the Release Candidate environment and no issues were found. Nevertheless, we plan to communicate when we will enable this feature in production in the near future. In case unforeseen issues are found when we do, we will have the option to quickly revert back to the current "DNSCheck" system.