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RIPE Database Release 1.87

Date of Deployment

Release Candidate (RC) environment: n/a

Production environment: n/a

New or Improved Features

Release 1.87 introduces business rules to restrict the set of attributes that can be modified by an LIR maintainer on ORGANISATION and INET(6)NUM objects for allocations.

Note that these changes do not affect any existing database functionality, and will only come into effect practically, when the LIR Portal is updated to allow LIRs to choose a maintainer for these objects, and the existing object editors are deprecated.

Release 1.87.1

Release Candidate (RC) environment: 4 May 2016

Production environment: n/a

We caught a missing business rule to limit LIRs from modifying the "netname:" on allocations, before deploying the 1.87 release to the RC environment. This is fixed with this release.

Release 1.87.2

Release Candidate (RC) environment: 11 May 2016

Production environment: Planned for 17 May 2016

For the time being, "descr:" will not be editable on inet(6)num objects for allocations. We plan to do a clean-up of the "descr:" attributes that have been maintained by the RIPE NCC on 2 June, and then deploy a new release that will allow editing of this attribute.

Release 1.87.3

Release Candidate (RC) environment: 30 May 2016

Production environment: 2 June 2016

This release makes "descr:" on allocations editable by LIRs and will be deployed in conjunction with a cleanup of existing "descr:" attributes. Resource holders who configured "notify:" will be alerted about this cleanup.

This release also fixes a problem where "netname:" was not editable on assignments done by the RIPE NCC. This restriction now only applies to allocations done by the RIPE NCC.

Release 1.87.4

Production environment: 20 June 2016

This release fixes two issues with business rules:

  • It was not possible to set "mnt-lower:" on INET6NUM objects with status "ALLOCATED-BY-RIR". This restriction existed when object editors were used, but was ignored at that time because object editors used a different authorisation method. The restriction has now been removed.
  • The fix in 1.87.3 allowed "netname:" to be changed on objects with status "ASSIGNED PI", but unfortunately not for other "ASSIGNED" objects. We have made sure that the restriction only applies to INET(6)NUM objects for allocations done by the RIPE NCC.