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RIPE Database Release 1.81

Date of Deployment

Release Candidate (RC) environment: 8 September 2015

Production environment: skipped

New or Improved Features

Release 1.81 introduces the following changes:

  • Changes were made in the core Whois software in support of the new webupdates User Interface
  • Most notable changes in the User Interface:
    • We added auto-complete for attributes such as maintainers. This means you can start typing a maintainer name and webupdates will suggest existing maintainers, along with their associated authentication.
    • Webupdates tries to be smarter about deleting objects. When, for example, you want to delete a person object, webupdates will suggest you also delete the associated maintainer, if it is not referenced anywhere else.
    • "Create a new person and maintainer pair" (previously known as the New Organisation Startup Form) has been redesigned. After logging in with your RIPE NCC Access account, you just need to enter four fields to get going.

Date of Deployment [to production]: not deployed.

We found issues with the User Interface that will be fixed before releasing the new webupdates. Technically, the User Interface is not part of the core Whois release, and since there are no issues with the changes we did in the core Whois itself (e.g. support auto-complete, delete two objects in one go, etc.), we could release this part to production.

However, since we need to do additional release 1.82 to support inter-RIR transfers, we decided to skip this release and include these changes in the upcoming 1.82 release instead. In this way, we avoid having additional deployments when there is no requirement.