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RIPE Database Release 1.76

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These are the release notes for RIPE Database version 1.76.

Date of Deployment

Release Candidate (RC) environment: 14 October 2014
Production database environment: 12 November 2014

Documentation has been prepared for this RC release.

Release 1.76 Small Bug Fixes and Features

The release of RIPE Database software version 1.76 includes many small bug fixes and feature improvements. Most notably, we have implemented the following improvements:
  • Issue #221: It is now possible to change the name of a person or role object
  • Issue #256: Abuse contact information is now shown when using web lookups
  • Issue #220: Failed update notifications now include a diff of the attempted change

A number of users requested that the notification of a failed update include a diff showing what was attempted to be changed. As a consequence of this change, if you mistype the password pseudo-attribute (e.g. "pasword: clear_password"), the notification will include your clear text password.

This is a good time for all maintainers of data in the RIPE Database to review who you send these notifications to. The "upd-to:" attribute in a mntner object should only include the email address of a person or team in your organisation who deals with security issues. If this team receives such a notification, they should advise the user to change their password.

Fixed Issues

You can find a full list of issues that have been fixed in this release on GitHub.