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RIPE Database Release 1.74

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Expected Dates of Deployment

Release Candidate (RC) environment: 3 July 2014
Production database environment: 17 July 2014

Draft documentation is available for this release in the RIPE Database Documents Library.

New and Improved Features

Removing generated "remarks:" from AUT-NUM object

For the implementation of policy 2012-07, "RIPE NCC Services to Legacy Internet Resource Holders", the RIPE NCC added an auto generated "remarks:" attribute referring to an FAQ. This FAQ explained what the new "status:" attribute is and why it has been generated and added to the AUT-NUM object. Initially we made this "remarks:" permanent so users could not remove it. This was to ensure it persisted for a while to avoid the first auto generated update from the user to remove it without any chance of it being seen. At the request of Job Snijders on the Database Working Group mailing list we have now dropped the persistence so it can now be removed.

Change syntax of "role:" attribute

Piotr Strzyzewski noted on the Database Working Group mailing list that the ROLE object is intended to be business information rather than personal information. So it made sense for the "role:" attribute to be more like the "org-name:" attribute than the "person:" attribute. Several other people agreed. We have now changed the syntax to reflect this suggestion.

Not allow removal of "abuse-c:"

Any ORGANISATION object referenced by a resource object must have an "abuse-c:" attribute. We have added a business rule to prevent the "abuse-c:" attribute being removed from such an ORGANISATION object for as long as it is referenced by a resource. Also an ORGANISATION object of type 'LIR' must always have an "abuse-c:" attribute. This can not be removed now.

Fixed Issues

You can find a full list of issues that have been fixed in this release on github.

Highlights include:

#247,#228,#218 - Series of bugs related to error reporting

Upcoming Features

Improved documentation - we have investigated new options for presenting documentation as well as managing content and have decided on a final option. More information to be announced shortly.