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RIPE Database Release 1.72

You’re viewing an archived page. It is no longer being updated.

Expected Date of Deployment

Release Candidate environment: 6 March 2014
Production database: 24 March 2014

New and Improved Features


With this release, users can choose to associate their maintainers with a RIPE NCC Access account. We've introduced a new auth attribute value, "auth: sso username". The username is the one used with your RIPE NCC Access account. By adding this auth: SSO to a MNTNER, a user can update the RIPE Database with the web tools and authorise with their RIPE NCC Access account when they are signed in. Extending the RIPE NCC Access Single Sign On (SSO) capability to allow authenticated updates to your data in the RIPE Database means you can perform several operations using RIPE NCC services with a single log-in. This is an additional authorisation method and does not change any of the existing ones.

Organisation business rules

This is a requirement for certifying PI space. Currently, the "org-name:" can be changed in some ORGANISATION objects, even where policy requires it not to be changed. In such cases, resource holders are asked to change it back to the previous version. New business rules enforce the policy and don't allow values to be changed where it would conflict with the policy. This also applies to changing the referenced ORGANISATION object in resource objects.

Fixed Issues

You can find a full list of issues fixed in this release on github.

IMPORTANT! There are fixes to the JSON REST API that change the structure of the JSON output. Please make sure you test your implementation in the Release Candidate environment.

The changes to the JSON output relate to the "object" property in the JSON response that was duplicated. Further details can be found in the issue report #114.

The JSON output in Release 1.71 looked like this:

"object":[ ... ],
"object":[ ... ],
"object":[ ... ]

and now in Release 1.72 the output looks like this:

"objects" : {
"object" : [
{ ... },
{ ... },
{ ... }

Upcoming Features

Improved Documentation - we are investigating new styles of presenting documentation as well as managing content.

Adding a link to sponsoring LIRs in the RIPE Database End User resource objects.