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RIPE Database Release 1.71

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These are the release notes for RIPE Database version 1.71. With this release we've added the "import-via:" and "export-via:" attributes and made lots of improvements to webupdates. This is also the first release that you can test in our new Release Candidate environment.

Expected Date of Deployment

Release Candidate environment (see below): 21 January 2014

Production database: 4 February 2014

New and Improved Features

"import-via:" and "export-via:" Attributes

These are attributes that can be used by operators to specify preferred routing policies for adjacent networks. Two new optional attributes are added to the aut-num Class; the "import-via:" and "export-via:". For more about this feature see the related draft RFC.

IMPORTANT! This is a change to the aut-num Class, please test that your software can handle this.

Improved Test Environment

The TEST Database is not an ideal environment for testing new RIPE Database releases, as the data is too far removed from reality. To improve this we've created a new Release Candidate environment. The Release Candidate environment will contain the upcoming release of the database software with a dummified snapshot of the production data. The dummification is only applied to personal data. This environment will enable you to test your software with your own data. You can find more information here about the Release Candidate environment.

Beta REST API Decommissioned

The production deployment of this release marks the end of the beta REST API. If you're still using the beta REST API please migrate your software to use the new REST API instead. For this we have created this guide to help you out.

IMPORTANT! The old beta REST API will be decommissioned with the production deployment of this release.

Fixed Issues

With this release we've made many improvements to the webupdates. We've improved the most common reported shortcomings and fixed lots of small bugs; you can find the list of fixed issues for webupdates here.

You can find a full list of issues fixed in this release here.

Upcoming Features

Single Sign On

Extending the RIPE Access Single Sign On (SSO) capability to allow authenticated updates to your data in the RIPE Database.