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RIPE Database Release 1.70

You’re viewing an archived page. It is no longer being updated.
These are the release notes for RIPE Database version 1.70. With this release we've added the pending route authorisation feature, allowing you to create route objects in two stages.

Expected Date of Deployment

Test Database: 31 October 2013

Production Database: 14 November 2013

New and Improved Features

Pending Route Authorisation

This is an alternative and simplified way of authorising route object creation. Two separate updates for a single route/route6 object are treated as one create request. This has no impact on users who still submit a complete route object with all authorisations included.

To read more about the pending route functionality, please see Simplified Route Creation in the RIPE Database.


There are still quite a number or users working with the old beta REST API, so we've decided to extend the migration period again until the next release.

For those who have not migrated yet, we have created this guide to help you out.

IMPORTANT! The old beta REST API will be available on until release 1.71, scheduled for the end of November 2013. This old version is no longer supported and no bug fixes will be applied to it. We strongly recommend that you migrate to the new API as soon as possible.

New query flags --valid-syntax and --no-valid-syntax

With --valid-syntax we filter out of the query results for any object that does not match the syntax rules for the current version of the software. A comment (line starting with %) is added in its place.

The --no-valid-syntax is the opposite. This filters out all objects that do match the current syntax checks. So you are left with any objects that need attention.

These query flags have no impact on any queries where they are not included.

'DIFF' keyword

There was some confusion over the use of the 'DIFF' keyword in the subject line of an email update. The diff functionality is now the default for all notifications where an object has been modified. So there is no need for this keyword. It has therefore been deprecated. A warning is added to the acknowledgement message if this old keyword is used.

Deprecating this keyword has no impact as the action is included now by default and use of the keyword is ignored.

Fixed Issues

Fixed issues for this release.

Upcoming Features

Improved dummification

Read more about the improved dummification over at RIPE Labs

Improved test environment for new releases

As discussed during RIPE 67, we will introduce a test environment for new feature releases. This will include a dummified snapshot of the live database data. Users can then run realistic tests against their own data.

Single Sign On

Extending the RIPE Access SSO capability to allow authenticated updates to your data in the RIPE Database.