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RIPE Database Release 1.74.1

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These are the release notes for RIPE Database version 1.74.1. This is a bug fix release.

Date of Deployment

Production Database: 18 July 2014

NRTM Protocol Issues Fixed

With the release of RIPE Database software version 1.74, a bug was introduced into the NRTM protocol.

The data stream should say:
ADD <serial>
but in release 1.74 it says:
ADD/UPD <serial>

In order to fix this, we had to make some adjustments to the software and deploy a new minor release.

After making the fix, users of NRTM may need to check their configurations. If you pulled data from the NRTM stream on 17 or 18 July 2014 and your script parses the output, depending on how you handle errors you may have silently missed some updates.

If you keep track of the serials of the updates you have processed, you can just pull the data for the same serials again. If not, and you save this data into a local database, you may need to reload your local database from the latest dump file of the RIPE Database on the FTP site.