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Archived Plans

You can find our plans from previous quarters along with requests from the community on this page. We are updating this page at the end of each quarter.

Q4 2021 Plans and Community Input

Item Activity Description

Formulating a framework with the community to determine the level of crtiticality of each RIPE NCC service, including the RIPE Database.

Work continues to Q1 2022.

We will engage with the community to define requirements and plan on how to proceed concerning potential cloud migration and infrastructure improvements.

2 Usability improvements to the web search

Work continues to Q1 2022.

We are making improvements to the web search function of the RIPE Database.

You can find more details in our RIPE Labs article.

Community Input
Reference Input RIPE NCC Reaction
DB-2021-#01 NWI-2: Displaying history for database objects where available Our legal team is reviewing this request.
DB-2021-#02 NWI-4: role of status: field in multivalued status context Our team has investigated the tuple (prefix and status) proposal and have found it infeasible to implement. We are waiting on further community discussion on this topic.
DB-2021-#03 NWI-13: Geofeed

Implement Geofeed attribute in the RIPE Database. For more information, please read RFC 9092.

Our legal team is reviewing the restriction on prefix size.

DB-2021-#04 NWI-12: NRTM v4

Modernise Whois update notifications using NRTM
Proposed Solution Definition to DB-WG, based on draft NRTM v4 proposal by Sasha Romijn.
DB-2021-#05 UTF-8: Investigate implementing UTF-8 in the RIPE Database We are working on a RIPE Labs article explaining the impact of this change.
DB-2021-#06 Deprecation of Whitepages

For more information, please refer to this document.
We are waiting on community discussion on this topic.