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My maintainer password does not work. Why not ?

If you are still using MD5 passwords to authenticate against your maintainer object, you can use the Authorisation Password Generator page to verify that the MD5 hash string for your maintainer password matches your plain text password. If the string doesn't match and you cannot recover the MD5 password, you can reset it on the Forgot maintainer password page. The same applies when using PGP authentication.

Other reasons your password might not work are usually due to these common mistakes:

  • Supplying the password in encrypted form instead of clear text
  • Forgetting to specify "password:" before the password string when using email updates
  • Sending the password in the subject line when using email updates

In case you use your RIPE NCC Access account to authenticate, please check for common mistakes such as having Caps Lock enabled. If you are certain that you lost your password you can reset it here