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How to use the MD5-PW auth scheme in my mntner?

We do not recommend that you use MD5 passwords for regular usage. Please see our security recommendations page for more information. If you still need to use MD5 passwords, such as for authenticating against the RIPE Database API over HTTPS, please follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Authorisation Password Generator page and follow the instructions to generate an MD5 hash from a clear text password of your choice. Please choose a strong password.
  2. In your maintainer, add an "auth:" attribute and as the value enter "MD5-PW", followed by a space and the encrypted password from step 1. For example, a maintainer would look like this:
descr: Sample maintainer
auth: MD5-PW $1$HaKpJ.7L$bMelWa6qPZJn9ZTn7dphr/
source: RIPE

When authenticating using the MD5 password, you must supply it in clear text format. Therefore, we strongly discourage sending it via email.