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How to use the MD5-PW auth scheme in my mntner ?

To use MD5-PW, do the following:

  1. Pick a passphrase - there is some advice on choosing a good passphrase
    E.g. "@ v3ri $3>|rit P@55Frais" has the mnemonic "a very secret passphrase", is relatively long, and contains a mix of non-alphabetic characters.

  2. Go to the Crypt CGI Interface at:
    ( ) and convert the password to MD5-PW. E.g. "@ v3ri $3>|rit P@55Frais" converts to "$1$HaKpJ.7L$bMelWa6qPZJn9ZTn7dphr/". The encrypted password is not always the same for the same starting password.

  3. Modify your mntner object to add a line that starts with "auth: MD5-PW", followed by a space and the encrypted password from step 2.

    E.g. a maintainer would become:

    mntner: EXAMPLE-MNT
    descr: Sample maintainer for example.
    auth: MD5-PW $1$HaKpJ.7L$bMelWa6qPZJn9ZTn7dphr/
    source: RIPE

  4. Send the maintainer as a plain text e-mail to auto-dbm _at_ ripe _dot_ net.

  5. You will receive an automatic reply from the RIPE Database when the update is complete. If successful, you can use the password authentication. To do this, put "password:" at the beginning of a line in the body of the message, followed by the clear text, non-encrypted password.

    To create a person object with the above maintainer, you would send
    an e-mail with the following body:
    password: @ v3ri $3>|rit P@55Frais
    person: Adam Smith
    address: RIPE NCC
    address: Singel 258
    address: 1016 AB Amsterdam
    address: The Netherlands
    phone: +31 20 535 4444
    fax-no: +31 20 545 4445
    e-mail: adam-example _at_ ripe _dot_ net
    nic-hdl: AUTO-1
    notify: Adam-example _at_ ripe _dot_ net
    mnt-by: EXAMPLE-MNT
    changed: ripe-dbm _at_ ripe _dot_ net
    source: RIPE