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What can the RIPE NCC do about spam/hacking?

The RIPE NCC cannot do anything about spam or hacking. It is responsible for the allocation of blocks of IP address space to Local Internet Registries (LIRs). These LIRs then assign IP addresses to their customers or use them in their own networks. The RIPE NCC is not a service provider and has no jurisdiction over, or responsibility for, how the IP addresses it assigns or allocates are used. It is unable to investigate any complaints about spamming.

However, if you suspect that the spam, hacking or network abuse originates from the following IP blocks, please contact us at as soon as possible. These ranges are used by the RIPE NCC.

If the IP address falls outside these ranges, we are unable to investigate the matter.

Incorrect contact information in the RIPE Database

If you notice that some information is outdated in a RIPE Database object and have already tried to contact the relevant maintainer of the object, we can forward your report to the person responsible for maintaining the registration. We will track the report and make sure this person takes appropriate action (e.g., assisting with updating an entry in the RIPE Database).
Please go to the RIPE NCC Reporting Procedure.