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Is the RIPE NCC spamming/hacking me?

The RIPE NCC is not responsible for spamming or hacking. The RIPE NCC never sends unsolicited emails, including spam and phishing emails, and the RIPE NCC network is never used to facilitate the sending of spam or any other kind of network abuse.

The RIPE NCC often receives questions about spamming and hacking because the victim searches for information about the IP address responsible for the attack and discovers it has been allocated by the RIPE NCC.

The way in which an individual IP address is used, however, is not under the RIPE NCC's control. The RIPE NCC is one of the five Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) that allocate large blocks of IP addresses to Internet Service Providers and other organisations. How these organisations then assign these IP addresses, either to End Users or within their own networks, is beyond the RIPE NCC's mandate.

However, if you suspect that the spam, hacking or network abuse originates from the following IP blocks, please contact us at ncc [at] ripe [dot] net as soon as possible. These ranges are used by the RIPE NCC. -

If the IP address attacking you falls outside these ranges, we are unable to investigate the matter ourselves. However, you can try to find abuse contact information yourself using one of the RIPE NCC's anti-abuse tools.