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My update failed. Please explain why it failed.

There are many reasons why an update could fail. Usually, the failure reasons listed in the acknowledgement message you received are self-explanatory. The errors and warnings are contained in the "***ERROR:" and "***WARNING:" lines attached to the object which failed. Please read these lines carefully. Often the errors are simple syntax errors in the object. Check your object for typing mistakes.

Another common mistake is to query the RIPE Database for an object without using the "-B" query flag, then submit the returned object in an update. This results in submitting a filtered object, indicated by the line 'source: RIPE # Filtered' in the query response.

Sometimes, your update fails with this error message: "***Error: Authorisation failed". This means that you haven't supplied the correct credentials to satisfy the authorisation needed for the maintainer that protects the object. The maintainer is notified of a failed attempt to update this object.

Please note that if you send several objects in one message and at least one of them fails, the subject of the acknowledgment message will start with "FAILED:". This does not mean that the whole update failed, only that some updates were unsuccessful. Please check the message carefully to see which objects were not updated.

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