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How do I update an object in the RIPE Database?

There are two ways of updating an object in the RIPE Database:

  1. For your convenience the RIPE NCC has developed an on-line updating service. This service makes it possible to add, edit or delete existing objects via a web interface. It also includes online help about the RIPE Database.

  2. A second way of updating an existing object is to obtain a copy of the object as it appears in the RIPE Database. You can do this through a normal query, either using a client or the RIPE Database web interface.
    Copy and paste the object in an editor and change the attributes to their new values. You cannot change the key attributes, e.g. person name or nic-hdl values, since these are the unique identifiers of an object.
    Finally, send the object as a plain-text e-mail to <auto-dbm _at_ ripe _dot_ net>. If the object is maintained (that is, if it has one or more "mnt-by:" attributes), then you must meet the authentication specified by one of the maintainers. Please see the Database documentation for more information about maintainers.