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How do I register a PERSON or ROLE object in the RIPE Database?

There are three ways of registering an object in the RIPE Database:

If you do not yet have a mntner object, you can create both mntner and person objects in the RIPE Database using the New User Start-up Form.

If you already have a mntner object, you can use the on-line updating service. This service makes it possible to add, edit or delete existing objects via a web interface. It also includes online help about the RIPE Database.

A third way of adding a person or role object is to obtain a copy of the appropriate template from the RIPE Database. You can do this through a normal query, using either a client or the RIPE Database web interface:

person template
role template

Complete the details in this template and send it to: auto-dbm _at_ ripe _dot_ net.

Note that in order to create a role object, you need to refer to at least one person object registered in the RIPE Database. The logical order is to create person objects before you create a role object.

Please refer to the Database Reference Manual or the RIPE Database User Manual: Getting Started if you need help.

The RIPE Database is not a "white-pages" service; person objects registered in the RIPE Database should be referenced from other objects in the RIPE Database, either directly or through a role object. Unreferenced person objects may be deleted from time to time. Please see the News Archive of the Database section on the website for more information.