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How do I delete an object from the RIPE Database?

There are two ways of deleting an object in the RIPE Database:

  1. For your convenience the RIPE NCC has developed an on-line updating service. This service makes it possible to add, edit or delete existing objects via a web interface. It also includes online help about the RIPE Database.

  2. A second way of deleting an existing object is to obtain a copy of the object as it appears in the RIPE Database. You can do this through a normal query, either using a client or the RIPE Database web interface.

Copy and Paste the object in an editor and append a new line to the object which will read:

 "delete: <reason>"

For example "delete: Not needed anymore" (without the quotes) and send it to: auto-dbm _at_ ripe _dot_ net. Note that you must not change anything in the object, nor add or delete anything else. This also applies to "changed:" attributes. A new "changed:" attribute should not be added.

Please keep in mind that most objects have to pass a check with the "mnt-by:" attribute to clear authorisation for editing or deleting. Please see the RIPE Database documentation for more information about maintainers.