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RIPE Database Announcements

Archived: A Reminder About Incorrect Use of the RIPE Database

Over the past few months there have been a number of reported incidents where misuse of the RIPE Database may have occurred. Most recently, we have received complaints that companies have been using contact information in the RIPE Database to market their services to members of the RIPE community.

Archived: RIPE NCC Launches the RIPE Database Training Course

The RIPE NCC is launching the fourth course in its training portfolio, the RIPE Database Training Course.

Archived: Clean-up of Unreferenced Data in the RIPE Database
Archived: Verio Renamed NTTCOM in RIPE Database
Archived: RIPE Database CRYPT-PW Deprecation Project
Archived: RIPE Database and DNS Management Update
Archived: Removal of specific records of personal contact information

In accordance with developments in personal data privacy issues and the discussions during the RIPE Database Working Group during the RIPE 39 meeting in Bologna, the RIPE NCC will be carrying out a removal of certain specific records of personal contact information from the RIPE Database.

Archived: Deprecation of Scheduled for 1 June 2006
Archived: Updated RIPE Database User Manual
Archived: Russian Whois Data Changes