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RIPE Database Announcements

RIPE Database Update Failover
RIPE Database Update Failover
LIR Portal, RIPE Database & RIPE NCC Access Services Unavailable Due to Scheduled Maintenance
RIPE Database Full Text Search Temporarily Unavailable

Following earlier RIPE Database downtime issues, the RIPE Database Full Text search feature is currently unavailable.

RIPE Database Downtime

On 22 February from 07:10 to 07:30 (UTC), RIPE Database went down. This is the second downtime in two days. We're still investigating underlying cause.

RIPE Database Downtime
NRTM Intermittent Connectivity

There were NRTM connection issues between approximately 02:58 UTC and 04:32 UTC on Sunday 10th February. This has now been resolved. Whois database queries and updates were not affected.

My Resources Unavailable on

temporary unavailability of My Resources on the RIPE Database

Performance issues with the RIPE Database
Network Outage Affecting the RIPE Database