IPv6 Deployment Experiences

Learn more about IPv6 deployment with network professionals sharing their experience.
Teun Vink
Teun Vink talks about the challenges BIT BV experienced when they rolled out IPv6, the kinds of IPv6 questions their helpdesk gets and how they trained their staff on IPv6.
Tore Anderson about IPv6
Tore Anderson explains how dual-stack brokenness affects content providers, how they tackled this problem, and why 6to4 and Teredo can be problematic.
Nuno Viera
Nuno Vieira explains the benefits of tunnel brokers, the status of web hosting control panels, and how his company, NFSi, solved the current issues.
Jan Žorž
Jan Žorž talks about IPv6 and the mobile network: the problems with dual-stacking, the current status of IPv6 mobile support, and the need for IPv6 in LTE.
Eric Vyncke
Eric Vyncke from Cisco Systems discusses IPv6 deployment advice for enterprise, specifically the security aspects, rogue RAs and using RA guard and the importance of IPv6 education.
Geoff Huston
Geoff Huston, APNIC’s Chief Scientist shares his wisdom on the engineering of protocols, the danger of assumptions, exploiting a “dual protocol world”, and how to relieve the pressure from carrier grade networks.
Henrik Kramshøj
Henrik Kramshøj from Solido Hosting A/S talks about his experiences deploying IPv6 as a ISP and hosting provider in Denmark.
Liviu Pislaru
Liviu Pislaru, RCS-RDS, discusses his experience with IPv6 deployment in Romania and how they successfully deployed it to thousands of customers.
Merike Kaeo
Merike Kaeo, Chief Network Security Architect for Double-shot Security, shares her experience in how to deploy a secure IPv6 infrastructure.