IPv4 Transfer Statistics

According to section 5.5 of "IPv4 Address Allocation and Assignment Policies for the RIPE NCC Service Region" the RIPE NCC publishes a list of all allocations transferred under this policy. This list is updated weekly.

This information does not include transfers that were due to a change in company structure such as a merger or acquisition. 

Please note: In March 2014, a handful of organisation name changes and mergers/acquisitions were included in these statistics by error. This has been corrected and the current statistics are accurate. As a result of the correction, on 20 March there was a small reduction in the number of transfers listed on this page.

List of Approved Transfers

Original BlockTransferred BlocksFromToDate

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Aggregate Statistics for Non-approved Transfers

Number of TransfersNumber of IP Addresses
1 4096

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