How do I determine what counts as my infrastructure, and what is considered to be a customer's network?

IP addresses used solely to connect an end-user to a provider's network can be counted as part of the provider's infrastructure. They can be registered to the provider in the RIPE Database as part of a single aggregated block within their allocated IP space.

For example: a point-to-point link between a provider and an end-user's network could be registered to the provider. However, IP addresses used by an end-user for their own network need to be registered to that end-user.

This means that if a provider has an access router with 64 ports for connecting customer leased lines and they want to use a /30 network for point-to-point links for each leased line, they could register the network as a single /24 assignment. However, should the customer have a /30 network on their side of the router this would need to be registered to the end-user in the database.