What happens to the independent resources assigned prior to March 2009?

End User Assignment Agreements will need to be established between the RIPE NCC or a sponsoring LIR and the End Users of all resources assigned prior to 2009. According to the policy End Users have 90 days after they have been contacted by the RIPE NCC to provide a contract. If after 90 days a contract is not in place, the resources will be returned to the RIPE NCC's pool of available address space.

The RIPE NCC has contacted all LIRs to ask them about the resources requested by them and whether the End Users were still their customers. This was phase two of the implementation of Policy Proposal 2007-01.

In March 2011 the RIPE NCC started to contact the End Users directly in phase 3 of implementation of Policy Proposal 2007-01.