What is the Infrastructure Assignment Window?

At the RIPE 40 meeting in Prague the Local IR Working Group decided to allow Local Internet Registries (LIRs) to make assignments to their own network infrastructure up to their Assignment Window (AW) as many times as needed.

This means that an LIR with a /25 AW can make numerous individual /25 assignments to its own network infrastructure without having to send each request to the RIPE NCC.

However, where a single assignment would exceed a /25 the LIR would still need to send an IP Request Form to hostmaster _at_ ripe _dot_ net as usual.

All the requests you send to the RIPE NCC are considered when evaluating your AW. Assignment Windows can go down as well as up.

Please see also the AW section of the LIR training course material. This policy change only affects assignments made by an LIR to its own network infrastructure. There is no change in policy for assignments made to organisations connecting to the LIR's network.