Help with mails to

The RIPE NCC uses an automatic robot to distribute all messages sent to Here are some hints on how to interact with the robot.

General Information

When sending messages to the hostmaster _at_ ripe _dot_ net mailbox, you must include a "X-NCC-RegID:" line containing your Registry ID (RegID) in all messages, otherwise the robot will bounce them. If you are submitting a request form enter your RegID in the field "x-ncc-regid:"within the #[GENERAL INFORMATION]# template.

You also need to include the correct ticket number for ongoing requests. Failure to include the ticket number will result in the creation of a new ticket that will be treated as a new request. Please avoid creating these duplicate tickets.

Requests can ONLY be sent by one of the contact persons specified in the registry file; an internal file the RIPE NCC holds for each registry containing administrative information. The registry file can be updated through the LIR Portal.

If there are no errors in the request forms sent to hostmaster _at_ ripe _dot_ net, the syntax checking robot will put the request into the wait queue. If the robot encounters a problem, you will receive an error report together with a ticket number. You will then need to make corrections and resend the request using the same ticket number. The request will be passed to the syntax checking robot again.

The keyword "NOAUTO" can be used in the subject line of your mail to bypass the robot (please include a space after the keyword). This keyword can only be used in your reply mail after the robot has performed at least one check on the request.

Please note that after the request passes through the syntax checking robot successfully, it will still be checked for policy-related issues by an IP Resource Analyst (IPRA).

Explanations for standard acknowledgments

The following paragraphs explain in more detail the reasons for particular acknowledgments received from the robot:

  • You can check the status of your request ticket here



This category means that your new IP address space request has been passed to the hostmaster _at_ ripe _dot_ net robot. If there are no errors it will be passed to an IPRA shortly.


This category means that your new AS Number request has been passed to the hostmaster _at_ ripe _dot_ net robot. If there are no errors it will be passed to an IPRA shortly.


This category means that your IPv4 Allocation block request has been passed to the hostmaster _at_ ripe _dot_ net wait queue and has been given a special (HIGH) priority.


This category means that your request has been recognised as an 'ongoing request' and will be passed to an IPRA within the ticket number quoted in your mail.


This category means that your request was not recognised as a request form. It will be dealt with through the lir-help mail box. The lir-help mail box is for general questions from members of the RIPE NCC.


This category means that the RegID quoted in your request references an LIR that is not currently receiving services from the RIPE NCC.

The most probable reason for this is the LIR's current billing status. Please check that all outstanding invoices have been paid. This can be done through the LIR Portal.

This request will NOT be processed by the RIPE NCC.

Please contact billing _at_ ripe _dot_ net to reinstate your service level to NORMAL.


We were unable to determine a RegID for this request. If the request originates from an LIR, please re-submit your request including the RegID in the related field within the form ("x-ncc-regid:").

The RIPE NCC provides registration services to LIRs only and not to End Users. Individuals must submit requests through a contributing LIR. A list of all LIRs.

If you have problems finding an LIR yourself we will gladly assist.

For help with finding an LIR, contact us by sending email to ncc _at_ ripe _dot_ net.

Internet Service Providers or large enterprises interested in setting up a new LIR should consult membership information.