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FAQ: Charging Scheme 2013

Show or Hide answer What is the difference between the 2011/2012 and the 2013 Charging Schemes?
    • The Charging Scheme 2013 is based on the principle that members should have equal fees for each LIR they hold. This model has no categories and  there is no difference in fees between LIRs: one LIR, one fee.
    • The separate charge of EUR 50 per Provider Independent (PI) number resource assignment will be continued. Contrary to previous years, AS Numbers are excluded from this separate charge.
      Show or Hide answer What are independent resources?

      Independent resources are Provider Independent (PI) IPv4 and IPv6, Internet Exchange Point (IXP) and anycasting assignments. These resources have a fixed price in the Charging Scheme 2013.

      Show or Hide answer Am I charged for independent resources from previous years registered under my LIR?

      Yes. All independent resources registered under your LIR are taken into account.

      We only charge for independent resources that were assigned through your LIR up to 1 October 2012.

      Independent Internet number resources are:

      • IPv4 PI assignments
      • IPv6 PI assignments
      • Anycast assignments
      • IPv6 IXP assignments
      Show or Hide answer Will the RIPE NCC charge the same amount for all assignments, no matter what size they are?

      Yes. We charge EUR 50 for each Provider Independent (PI) IPv4 and IPv6, Internet Exchange Point (IXP) and anycasting assignment.

      Show or Hide answer What can I do if the End User that used the independent resources is no longer my customer?

      A registered contact can send an email to hostmaster _at_ ripe _dot_ net with the request to mark the resources as "not my end-user".

      The End User should find another sponsoring LIR within 90 days.