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Things You Need Before Applying

Before you complete the membership application form, please make sure you have the following information ready:

Legal Information

  • The full legal name of the organisation
    • This is the name that is shown on official registration papers
    • This name should include the organisation's legal status, such as Ltd, GmbH, Plc, BV, S.A, S.R.L., etc.
    • If your organisation is not a registered company, please use the trading name, for example Joe Bloggs, trading as “SuperISP”.
  • The legal, registered address of your organisation
    • We cannot accept a "PO Box" number
    • This address must be the same as the one that appears on your organisation's registration papers
  • The name of the "Chamber of Commerce" where your company is registered

    • For example, Companies House, KvK etc.

  • The name of the person who will sign the contract with the RIPE NCC

    • This person must be authorised to sign contracts on behalf of your organisation

Financial Information

  • The organisation's billing address, if different from the legal address
    • This is where we will send paper copies of your invoices
  • The email address to which the electronic copies of your invoices will be sent
  • If your organisation is registered in the EU, we will need the VAT number that is registered to your organisation with the local tax authority, including the international code.
    • This VAT number must be registered to the organisation applying for RIPE NCC membership

Contact Information

  • The organisation's postal address, if different from the legal address

    • We will send the Standard Service Agreements to this address

  • The organisation's general telephone number

  • The organisation's fax number

  • The organisation's general email address

    • Please use a generic email address if possible

Business Information

  • A list of all the countries in which your organisation provides its services

    • You will be asked to select these countries from a list


You will be asked to create a RIPE NCC Access account for the LIR Portal. This account holder will be able to assign admin and user privileges for accessing the LIR Portal.
Click here to create a RIPE NCC Access account.
Click here for more information about the LIR Portal.

You will also be asked to enter the name of at least one "LIR Contact". Only the people named here will be authorised to submit requests for Internet number resources by email.

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Application Form

If you have all the information you need to apply for RIPE NCC membership, you can fill out the application Form.