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RIPE NCC General Meeting October 2008 Outcome
Report from the October 2009 RIPE NCC General Meeting
Experts Gather in the Middle East to Discuss the Future of the Internet

The first RIPE Meeting held in the Middle East is RIPE 57, taking place 26-30 October 2008 in Dubai.

IPv6 at the OECD Ministerial Meeting, Seoul, June 2008
ARIN/CAIDA IPv6 Penetration Survey: Seeking Global Input
European Government Representatives Gather to Understand the IPv6 Challenge

The RIPE NCC, the Regional Internet Registry (RIR) for Europe, the Middle East and Central Asia, is to hold a roundtable meeting for governments and regulators on Monday, 29 September 2008 at the Sheraton Amsterdam Airport Hotel.

RIPE Group Aims to Enhance Cooperation

Announced in September 2008, the Cooperation Working Group is an important forum in which to discuss cooperation between the many stakeholders in the Internet community, including business, government, regulators and civil society.

AS Number Change Could Affect Internet Routing from 1 January 2009

Manufacturers urged to upgrade routers and network management software to support the use of four-byte Autonomous System numbers by 1 January 2009.

IPv6 Service at and IPv6 Glue for Root Name Servers
RIPE NCC Attends OECD Ministerial Meeting

On 17-18 June 2008, the RIPE NCC joined together with its industry partners to form the Internet Technical Community (ITC) and attended the OECD Ministerial Meeting on the Future of the Internet Economy in Seoul, South Korea.