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RIPE NCC Re-affirms Commitment to Operate K-root Name Server

The RIPE NCC has been providing DNS root name service at since 1997. As the global Internet community considers changes to the NTIA oversight of key DNS functions, the RIPE NCC wishes to assure the Internet community that our commitment to providing this service and to coordinating appropriately with ICANN and the other root server operators will not be affected by the outcome of these discussions.

RIPE NCC Operated K-Root Server Distributing Root Zone Signed with DNSSEC

K-root, one of the 13 root name servers, distributing the root zone signed with DNSSEC as part of a global deployment plan that will see all 13 root zone servers signed by 1 July 2010.

RIPE NCC Rolls Out Signed .ARPA Zone
RIPE NCC Confirms Commitment to DNSSEC Deployment in the Root Zone
The RIPE NCC Deploys New K-root Node in Africa
Change of K-Root Instance in Frankfurt to a Global Node
RIPE NCC Joins Other Root Server Operators in Statement to ICANN
IPv6 Service at and IPv6 Glue for Root Name Servers
IPv6 Service Deployed at Five Further Locations
IANA Introduces AAAA Record For K-root