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About RIPE and the RIPE NCC

RIPE NCC Confirms Commitment to DNSSEC Deployment in the Root Zone
RIPE NCC and ARIN Issue Joint Statement on ASN Assignment Discrepancies
RIPE NCC Launches IPv6 Implementation Guide

With just over 10% of IPv4 address space left, the RIPE NCC launches How to Act Now - a guide to making IPv6 deployment simple. The first ever resource of its kind, How to Act Now provides large and small business and government users with the information necessary to successfully deploy IPv6 in their networks.

Comment on Press Coverage Linking the RIPE NCC with Criminal Activity
RIPE 59 - Meeting Report
RIPE NCC Meeting in Moscow Hailed as a Unique Forum by Regional Internet Experts

Representatives from regional network operators, telecommunications organisations, vendors, local government and the media gathered in Moscow for the RIPE NCC Regional Meeting. More than 200 attendees participated in the two-day event, which provided a unique opportunity to discuss the latest developments affecting the Internet in the Russian region.

RIPE NCC Joins Forces with EU on v6 Deployment

The RIPE NCC has been working closely with the European Commission (EC) on an IPv6 Deployment Monitoring Survey.

The RIPE NCC Deploys New K-root Node in Africa
RIPE NCC and ICANN Commit to Ongoing DNS Root Name Service Coordination
Change of K-Root Instance in Frankfurt to a Global Node