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RIPE 53 Meeting Opens in Amsterdam

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2 October 2006 - The 53rd RIPE Meeting starts today in Amsterdam. The five-day event sees Internet service providers, network operators and other interested parties from Europe and the surrounding regions gather at the Krasnapolsky Hotel. Together they will discuss Internet policy.

To encourage remote participation at this meeting, all sessions will be webcast. It is possible to contribute to the meeting by using real-time chat software such as IRC or Jabber.

Webcast mirrors are being provided across Europe. All sessions that take place in the Grand Ballroom are video webcast. Sessions that take place in the St. Johns II room are broadcast in audio only.

RIPE 53 takes place between 2 - 6 October 2006 at the Krasnapolsky Hotel in Amsterdam.


About RIPE Meetings

A RIPE Meeting is a five-day event where Internet Service Providers, network operators and other interested parties from Europe and the surrounding regions get together.

The main purpose of the RIPE Meetings is to discuss technical and policy issues affecting Internet administration and operation in the RIPE NCC service region and beyond.

RIPE Meetings are held at regular intervals throughout the year. The locations vary, but usually at least one meeting a year is held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

The meeting is open to everyone. Although the meeting is mostly technical, it is also a social event, giving people who communicate regularly on an electronic basis to meet face-to-face to exchange information. For this reason, we schedule long lunches and frequent coffee breaks during the meetings. We also organise social events for RIPE Meeting attendees.