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NRO NC Call for Nominations: RIPE NCC Service Region

There is a call for nominations from the RIPE NCC service region to fill one vacant seat on the Number Resource Organization (NRO) Number Council (NC). The three-year term of Hans Petter Holen ends on 31 December 2013.

The election to the NRO NC seat will take place during the Plenary at the RIPE 67 Meeting to be held in Athens from 14-18 October 2013. All members of the Internet community who are present at that Plenary may vote in the election.

The deadline for nominations is 18 September 2013. Any individual residing within the RIPE NCC service region is eligible for nomination, except Regional Internet Registry (RIR) staff members. Self-nominations are permitted.

Please send your nominations to by 23:00 UTC on 18 September 2013. All confirmed nominations will be listed on the RIPE NCC website by 20 September 2013.

All nominees may submit a written statement in support of their nomination for publication on the RIPE NCC website. Other individuals may express support for nominated individuals by sending an email to .

Expressions of support will also be published on the RIPE NCC website.

More about the NRO NC and the nominations process.