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RIPE Database Record-Keeping Policy

Archived This content has been archived and is no longer actively maintained.
  1. RIPE Database historical data is comprised of

    a) Daily snapshots of the database (last two weeks only)
    b) Contents of the old objects (deleted or modified)
    c) Transaction information

  2. Historical data is kept for the following purposes:

    a) As defined in the RIPE Database Terms and Conditions
    b) To provide data essential for crash recovery

  3. Historical data can be requested by:

    a) In case 2a, by a Dutch court when a legal dispute occurs
    In this case, the following information will be presented by the RIPE NCC if available:
    • Original submission related to a particular transaction, including the mail headers or IP addresses
    • History of a particular object

    b) In case 2b, by NRTM clients
    In this case the following data will be presented by the RIPE NCC:
    • The latest snapshot of the database, excluding personal data
    • All transactions (serials) needed to bring the database up to date, excluding personal data.