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RIS Routing Beacons

A Routing Beacon or BGP Beacon is a Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) speaker that announces and withdraws a particular Classless Inter Domain Routing (CIDR) prefix at predetermined time intervals.

  • There should be only a small amount of traffic to this destination.
  • Its main purpose is to help us understand BGP route propagation and convergence.
  • Researchers can study properties of these phenomena by observing BGP updates for the Routing Beacon's prefix from various views throughout the Internet.

The RIPE NCC RIS Project added Routing Beacon functionality to its Remote Route Collectors (RRC). The geographically dispersed distribution of these RRCs makes them ideal for this purpose.

The RIPE NCC maintains a list of current RIS routing beacons.


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How to Lease a Beacon

If you need different announcement or withdrawal patterns for a defined period of time, contact us at ris _at_ ripe _dot_ net.