What are the authorisation rules for route object creation?

There are three phases of authentication checks when creating a route object:

  • a check with the relevant aut-num object,
  • a check with the "IP space"
  • a check with the "mnt-by:" attribute of the route object itself.

All of these three phases must be passed individually. If any of them fails, the route object creation is rejected. Take a look at the graphical presentation of this process.

You cannot create a route object if the origin AS refers to an aut-num object that does not exist in the RIPE Database. Therefore, before creating the route object, the aut-num object must be created in the RIPE Database, even if the AS number is registered in another whois database. If you are the party that has been assigned this AS number, please create the corresponding aut-num object by using the aut-num template. If the AS number is assigned to another party, please contact them to create the aut-num object.