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Official Announcement

NRO NC Nominations 2023: Call to Fill Two Seats

Dear colleagues,

This is a call for nominations to fill two seats on the Number Resource Organization Number Council (NRO NC). A single list of nominees will be used to fill both seats.

We encourage those interested to familiarise themselves with the work of the NRO NC, and to reach out to current or former NRO NC members to understand the workload and responsibilities involved.

To read more about the NRO NC and the election process, please see:

About the NRO NC
The NRO NC performs the role of the Address Supporting Organization Address Council (ASO AC), including:
- Overseeing the Global Policy Development Process.
- Providing recommendations to the ICANN Board concerning the recognition of new RIRs.
- Nominating individuals to serve in the ASO’s two seats (Seat 9 and Seat 10) on the ICANN Board of Directors and other ICANN bodies.
- Advising the ICANN Board on Internet number resource allocation policy, in conjunction with the RIRs.
- Developing procedures for conducting business in support of their responsibilities, in particular, for the appointment of an ASO AC Chair and definition of the Chair’s responsibilities.

For more information about the ASO AC, please see:

Nomination Process

Any individual residing within the RIPE NCC service region is eligible for nomination, except Regional Internet Registry (RIR) staff members. Self-nominations are permitted.

Please send your nominations to <[email protected]> by 23:59 UTC on Monday, 30 October 2023. All confirmed nominations will be listed on the RIPE NCC website by Monday, 6 November 2023.

All nominees may submit a written statement in support of their nomination for publication on the RIPE NCC website. Other people can express support for nominated individuals by sending an email to <[email protected]>. Expressions of support will also be published on the RIPE NCC website.

The nomination process is available at:

Seat 1: Executive Board Appointment

The RIPE NCC Executive Board will select a candidate from the list of nominees to fill the first seat for a three-year term, starting in January 2024 and ending on 31 December 2026. The selected candidate will then be removed from the list of nominees, and the remaining nominees will be eligible for election for the second seat.

This post is currently filled by Hervé Clément whose term expires on 31 December 2023. I would like to thank Hervé for his time spent both as representative for the RIPE community and as chair of the NRO NC.

Seat 2: Election
The second seat will be filled by an election held during RIPE 87 from the remaining pool of eligible nominees. The election is to fill the seat for the remainder of the three-year term started by James Kennedy in January 2023 and ending on 31 December 2025. The candidate elected will therefore serve on the NRO NC for two years of the three-year term.

James is stepping down from his position on the NRO NC to take on his new role as the RIPE NCC's Chief Registry Officer. I would like to thank James for having represented the RIPE community on the NRO NC/ASO AC from 2022-2023, and also welcome him back to the RIPE NCC.


Hans Petter Holen
Managing Director and CEO

Important Dates
30 October 2023: Deadline for NRO NC nominations
6 November 2023: Deadline for all confirmed nominees to be posted on the RIPE NCC website
27 November 2023 (Latest): Board appointment announced
27 November-1 December 2023: Election to fill one NRO NC seat during the RIPE 87 Meeting
1 December 2023: Announce election results at closing plenary of RIPE 87