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Expressions of Support

You can submit an expression of support for your nominated representative by sending an email to [email protected].

In your email, please include:

  • the nominee's name
  • motivation for support
  • your name
  • your email address
  • the organisation for which you work

We will post all valid expressions of support that we receive on this website.

Hervé Clément

Name: Lise Fuhr

Organisation: ETNO

I have known Mr. Hervé Clément for several years within ETNO, as an active member of the association, and subsequently as Vice-Chair of the NANI Working Group (dealing with Numbering, Addressing and Naming Issues).

In this context, Hervé has contributed greatly to the work of ETNO, and I personally appreciate the expertise and experience which he brings to our organisation. His experience in the fields of Addressing and Naming, and therefore the fields to which both ICANN and RIPE are devoted, is highly valuable for both the association and our members, especially by way of his reports of RIPE meetings, and his activities in ASO AC.

I am confident that Hervé works in a very conscientious way, and without personal interest. For these reasons, I enthusiastically support Hervé’s application for another term on NRO NC.

Name: Chris Buckridge

Organisation: Buckridge Consultants

I have known Hervé Clément for many years, and in my previous role with the RIPE NCC, I had the opportunity to witness first-hand his commitment and dedication to the work of the NRO Number Council, including in its role as the ASO Address Council in the ICANN context. I believe that he represents the RIPE community well in this capacity, and happily lend my support to his continuation on the Number Council.

Name: Esteban Lescano

Organisation: ASO-AC LACNIC's board appointee, LACNIC- Secretary and Cámara Argentina de Internet (CABASE)- General Counsel

I am writing to support Mr. Hervé Clement’s  nomination for the ASO-AC.

Hervé has consistently demonstrated professionalism, commitment and leadership within the ASO-AC and their duties, and he is well appreciated by the global numbers community.

If you require further details on Hervé skills and his commitment to the ASO-AC, please don't hesitate to contact me. 

Name: Christian Kaufmann

Organisations: MINXS, Akamai and ICANN

With this statement I want to support the candidacy of  Hervé Clément. I have worked with Hervé both as a RIPE NCC Board Member and also as an ICANN Board Member, and his dedication and professionalism were exceptional. He is a very effective liaison between the ASO and the various groups he interacts with. Also his support and interaction with other RIRs is very commendable.

Constanze Bürger

Name: Arnold Nipper

Organisation: DE-CIX

Knowing Constanze Bürger for decades from her engagement in RIPE, the German Internet community, and driving IPv6, I am delighted to express my strong support for Constanze Bürger's nomination for the ICANN's Address Supporting Organization (ASO) seat. Constanze's qualifications and commitment to the principles of a free and open Internet make her an outstanding candidate for this crucial position.

First and foremost, Constanze understands the intricate technical and policy issues that ICANN deals with regularly. Her extensive experience in internet governance, IP addressing, and related technical matters is a testament to her expertise. She has consistently demonstrated a keen grasp of the ever-evolving landscape of the Internet, making her well-equipped to navigate the challenges and opportunities that ICANN faces.

Furthermore, Constanze's commitment to multi-stakeholderism and inclusivity in Internet governance aligns perfectly with ICANN's core values. She has a proven track record of collaborating with diverse stakeholders to find common ground and develop effective policies. Her dedication to ensuring that all voices get attention in the making process is commendable and essential in maintaining the Internet as a global public resource.

Constanze's unwavering dedication to the stability and security of the Internet's infrastructure is apparent in her past work. She has been a tireless advocate for robust and resilient systems, contributing to the overall health of the global Internet ecosystem.

In addition, Constanze's passion for promoting digital inclusion and addressing issues related to Internet access in underserved communities is commendable. Her efforts in this regard reflect her commitment to bridging the digital divide and ensuring that the benefits of the Internet are accessible to all.

Name: Christian Kaufmann

Organisations: MINXS, Akamai and ICANN

I want to nominate Constanze Bürger, a long time member of the RIPE community and a vivid supporter of the multi-stakeholder system, who I know and trust for over a decade. Her interest in Internet Governance and the Internet eco-system makes her an ideal candidate.

Name: Randy Bush

Organisation: RGnet OÜ, IIJ Research, and Arrcus

I confess and am proud to have nominated Constanze Bürger to the NRO/NC. I had two main reasons. The first is that she has been constructive member of our culture for years; is smart, heck even wise; and has the steadiness and vision to help us navigate the coming years of change. The second is that she knows the government side.  Whether we like it or not, we are going to be merging more and more with the government and regulatory environments.  I think it wise to have one of our own people, e.g. Constanze, to help in the next years.  Whether we like it or not, we have more than enough packet engineers; we need more socio-political engineers as the industry matures.

Andrea Cima

Name: Nathalie Trenaman

Organisation: AMS-IX

I have known Andrea Cima for 16 years. He was my manager in the Registration Services department of the RIPE NCC and a fellow trainer for IPv6, BGP and DNS.

Andrea is extremely experienced in Number Resource matters, both from a technical and a political perspective.

He has a broad knowledge of the RIR and ICANN landscape and has contributed to many high-profile projects like the IPv4 run-out at RIPE NCC. Andrea is widely known in the community, and I am very confident that he will be a trusted representative in the Numbers Council.

Name: Antonio Prado

Organisation: SBTAP

I am glad to be able to say a few words for Andrea. We met many years ago (oh my, is it 20 years already?) when he worked for the RIPE NCC. At that time some procedures for requesting numerical resources were quite complicated, but I found in Andrea Cima such qualities as helpfulness and kindness out of the ordinary.

Over time, I was able to experience his human and professional qualities, his great ability to listen, his skill in finding a synthesis between disagreeing opinions, and his ability to manage his team with a strong orientation toward achieving goals.

Finally, I think everyone has been able to assess his ability to communicate, as well as to gather insights and reflections from the interlocutors. In short, I believe Andrea Cima is the right person to sit on the NRO NC and I urge all colleagues to vote for him in the next election.

Name: Filiz Yilmaz

Organisation: Equinix

Andrea worked for the RIPE NCC for almost twenty years, through a a critical period during which the policy development process as we know it today was created and matured. Andrea was not only involved in supporting the community with policy development but also in how those policies were implemented at the RIPE NCC.
During his time at the RIPE NCC, Andrea also had the chance to interact frequently with other RIRs. Andrea knows both the history and the current state of the RIR number resource system from the registration services perspective globally. That is a rare skill.
Aside from this considerable experience around numbers policy, Andrea's current work with PCH puts him in close contact with industry and network operations. Together this makes him the perfect NRO NC candidate to provide the connective tissue between operations, community and policy coordination for the RIPE Community. 
I recommend all of my friends and colleagues in the RIPE community to vote for Andrea in the upcoming elections to the NRO NC.

Name: Joe Abley

Organisation: Cloudflare

I have known Andrea for many years. Andrea is diligent, methodical, organised, well-informed and practical, but above all of that he cares: he has boundless energy for doing the right thing. He has lots of experience in the RIPE and ICANN communities but he's also a grass-roots operator. Andrea's work at PCH enables the many good and practical things they do on the ground throughout the world.

As a member of the NRO NC you can expect Andrea to represent network operators and the RIPE community, not as someone who simply enjoys attending meetings for the sake of it but as a real operator who cares about moving packets and who will work to make the right thing happen.

Andrea is exactly the kind of person who should represent the interests of the RIPE community in the NRO NC.