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Electronic Voting at the NRO NC Election - November 2023

The voting for this election will be conducted electronically. No paper ballots will be issued. Each RIPE 87 attendee who is eligible to vote will have one vote. The nominee with the most votes will be elected.

All votes cast during the NRO NC election are completely anonymous.

Voting Timeline

Tuesday, 28 November, 14:00 (UTC+1):

Registration to vote in the NRO NC election closes

Tuesday, 28 November, 14:00 (UTC+1):

Deadline to check-in to be eligible to vote in the NRO NC election

Tuesday, 28 November, 17:00 (UTC+1):

Voting opens

Friday, 1 December, 09:00 (UTC+1):

Voting closes

Friday, 1 December 2023:

Announce successful candidate at closing plenary of RIPE 87

Register to Vote in the NRO NC Election

All RIPE Meeting attendees (except RIR staff) are eligible to register to vote in the NRO NC election, pending the adoption of the new election processes, in which case additional criteria will apply. You can select the option to vote in the NRO NC election while registering for RIPE 87. 

Online Participants

If you have already registered for the meeting, use your unique link to your meeting registration options, and select the option to vote. You can use the same link to check-in for RIPE 87 once the meeting opens.

Onsite Participants

Please make sure that your status is "checked-in" ahead of the deadline. If for some reason you do not see a green tick mark next to your name on the RIPE 87 Attendee list, please go to the registration desk and ask the staff to check you in. If you did not select the option to vote in the NRO NC election while registering for RIPE 87, you can ask the registration desk staff to update this status ahead of the registration deadline.

The deadline to register to vote in the NRO NC election and to check-in to be eligible to vote is Tuesday, 28 November at 14:00 (UTC+1). You must be checked-in by the time voting registration closes in order to be eligible to vote.

Voter Eligibility 

The Draft NRO NC Election Process v4 document is currently in last call. If the document reaches consensus ahead of RIPE 87, new voter eligibility criteria will be implemented. If not, the current process will apply.

Current voter eligibility criteria:

  • You must be registered for RIPE 87 (online or onsite)
  • You must additionally register to vote in the NRO NC election
  • You must check-in for the meeting ahead of the registration deadline

Additional criteria applicable if the document reaches consensus ahead of RIPE 87:

  • You must have attended at least one RIPE Meeting out of the previous eight RIPE Meetings (online or onsite).

In order to implement this additional check, the RIPE NCC will check the registered voters for the NRO NC election and inform you if you are not eligible to vote. If you believe you are eligible to vote but receive a notification stating otherwise, you will be able to ask for a review.

Voting Instructions

The NRO NC election will use Assembly Voting, a third-party online voting platform. Voting takes place electronically and requires two-factor authentication. Voters will receive two emails - one from the RIPE NCC and one from Assembly Voting. Once voting is open, all eligible voters with a link can access the voting pages and cast their vote.

Voting opens: Tuesday, 28 November, 17:00 (UTC+1)
Voting closes: Friday, 1 December at 09:00 (UTC+1).

  • All registered eligible voters will receive their voting registration number from the RIPE NCC by email after the registration deadline has passed.
  • Assembly Voting will send a separate email containing a unique link to the online voting platform. This is a personal auto-sign-in link that enables the user to cast one vote.
  • Voters need to use their unique link to access the voting platform and must enter their voting registration number in order to cast their vote.
  • Once a voter has cast their vote, they can download their vote receipt in JSON format and check that the vote has been registered in the system.

The online voting system provides:

  • Two factor authentication for voters using the unique voting link and voting registration number
  • Encrypted votes
  • A digital bulletin board for end-to-end verifiability
  • A voting receipt and vote verification

Results of the Voting

Once voting has closed, the trusted third-party software providers will notify the RIPE NCC of the results of the voting.

The RIPE Chair will announce the results of the voting during the closing plenary session of RIPE 87. The announcement will also be webcast for remote participants.