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The RIPE community will elect one individual to serve a three-year term on the NRO NC, beginning 1 January 2014.

The election will be held at the RIPE 67 Meeting in Athens, Greece from 14-18 October 2013.

Expressions of Support

You can submit an expression of support for your nominated representative by sending an email to nominations [at] ripe [dot] net.

In your email, please include:

  • the nominee's name
  • motivation for support
  • your name
  • your email address
  • the organisation for which you work

We will post all valid expressions of support that we receive on this website.

Name of nominee:
Filiz Yilmaz

Nominee's country of residence:
The Netherlands

Nominee's organisation or employer: Independent Internet Governance and Policy Consultant

Nominee's email address:
filiz [at] koalafil [dot] net

Motivation for nomination:
Filiz has through her work at RIPE NCC as Policy Development Officer professionalised and streamlined the Policy Development Process in the RIPE region. With her first hand experience of RIPE policy development combined with her recent knowledge of ICANN she will be very well qualified for the NRO NC.

Name of nominating individual:
Hans Petter Holen

Nominator's organisation or employer:

Biographical information:

Filiz Yilmaz is currently an independent Internet Governance and Policy Consultant.

She previously held the position of Senior Director, Participation and Engagement at ICANN, where she worked on bringing new participants into the ICANN Community and increasing the engagement level of all stakeholders within the multi-stakeholder environment of ICANN, by developing engagement and outreach programs and strategies.

From 2001 to 2010, Filiz worked at the RIPE NCC. She most recently held the position of Policy Development Manager, where she worked with the RIPE community in policy development within the RIPE region, documentation of these policies and proposals and the Policy Development Process itself. She introduced the Impact Analysis practice, supporting the policy implementation internally within the RIPE NCC. She was also very much involved with the monitoring of other RIRs' policy developments and during this time she participated as RIR support towards the NRO NC too.

She initially held positions at the Registration Services Department, working actively on Internet number resource management, and delivering training courses on Internet number resource policy, DNSSEC and Routing Registry.

Filiz started her work in the Internet industry in 1996 in Turkey at the Middle East Technical University Computer Center – the institution that played a key role in bringing the Internet to Turkey. She managed the development of a university-wide net ethics program and led the development of training courses on newly-introduced Internet technology and applications for both university community and the civil servants in the city of Ankara, in co-operation with management of the governmental offices. She is still participating in TRNOG and is working with a leading team to establish an ISOC Chapter in Turkey.

Filiz holds a MSc Degree in Cognitive Science and a BSc in Mathematics.

Further details can be found at Filiz's LinkedIn profile.

Nominee motivation:

I have direct global RIR policy knowledge, and policy development and community engagement experience due to my roles at the RIPE NCC and ICANN. Having worked on both sides enabled me to develop an active vision on the procedural, representative and bridging functions of the NRO NC activity.

With this past experience, I want to serve the RIPE community within the capacity of the NRO NC and while making sure global policy work is done as necessary, I also want to reflect on potential areas where the RIR and ICANN worlds could work for an healthier Internet system, with a collaborative perspective as both are committed to deploy and defend the multi-stakeholder models of this industry, following the same principles of openness, transparency and inclusiveness in their processes, which I personally believe in and support deeply.

Name of nominee
Alain Bidron

Nominee's country of residence

Nominee's organisation or employer
Orange S.A.

Nominee's email address
alain.bidron [at] orange [dot] com

Motivation for nomination
Alain Bidron has a deep understanding of IP addressing issues and policies. He has participated in RIPE Meetings since RIPE 33 and his long-term commitment is very valuable.

His involvement in ICANN is also an asset for the discussions and decisions in the RIPE community and, moreover, for the global Internet Community.

Alain is indeed a strong supporter of the RIR multi-stakeholders governance model.

Name of nominating individual
Sabine Jaume-Rajaonia

Nominator's organisation or employer

Biographical information
Alain Bidron works for Orange where he is responsible at Orange Group level for numbering, naming and addressing activities. He has full responsibility over the largest Local Internet Registry in France, fr.telecom, and provides support to the other registries within the Orange Group in Europe and Africa.

He is an active participant of RIPE and has been participating at all meetings since RIPE 33, with a special interest on policy development. He was one of the two proposers of policy proposal 2010-02 "Allocations from the last /8".

He is also involved in ICANN and has been attending most ICANN meetings since its creation in 1998, focusing on IP addressing and on ISPs' representation in the non-contracted party house of the GNSO.

Nominee motivation
The NRO Number Council mission is very much focused but very important in my view.

The NRO Number Council or ASO Address Council is involved in the Policy Development Process for Global Policies, selects two ICANN Board Members and has a role in providing visibility at ICANN global level on IP addressing activities and issues. The NRO Number Council and RIRs' staff are engaged with the stakeholders represented in ICANN including governments.

IP addressing is not in my view sufficiently visible at ICANN level. This is something that is now recognised by the NRO Number Council members and by some of the Board members and staff. I am a strong supporter of the multi-stakeholder model that RIPE, the RIPE NCC and ICANN belongs to and this lack of visibility is potentially a risk for this model.

My commitment is to represent the RIPE community in the ICANN context together with the two other regional councilors, and to work as a team to improve this situation.

Name of nominee
Sander Steffann

Nominee's country of residence
The Netherlands

Nominee's organisation or employer
Independent Internet Network Consultant

Nominee's email address
sander [at] steffann [dot] nl

Biographical information
Sander Steffann started working in the Internet industry in 1995, when he helped to start up Computel Standby BV. He supported Computel while he was a student at Universiteit Twente. Computel started in Apeldoorn (NL) as a small ISP, started the foundation, and has grown into a server management company with its own small datacenter.

Sander became a RIPE Address Policy Working Group chair in May 2007, mostly because he is interested in the future of the Internet and likes to participate in things he believes are important.

In March 2010 Sander started his own consultancy company. He is focused on internet infrastructure related subjects such as IPv6, routing and security. He has done consultancy projects on all levels, from advising on the technical IPv6 road map and addressing plan for a Dutch bank to hands-on deployment of new technology in ISP networks and data centres. He also gives a lot of IPv6 trainings, mostly in the Middle East for MENOG.

Specialties: All Internet related technology, including networking (service provider and enterprise), security, application development. Favourite activity is researching and implementing innovating technologies. Implementing IPv6 and dealing with the current shortage of IPv4 addresses is a main focus area in this regard.

Motivation for Nomination
Sander has been co-chair of the Address Policy Working Group since 2007 and has deep understanding of number addressing policy. His experience would be very valuable at the NRO Number Council.

Nominating Individual
Hans Petter Holen

Nominator's Organisation