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20 Years Serving The RIPE Community

In April 1992, the RIPE NCC was established to coordinate and support the activities of the RIPE community and to function as a European Internet Registry (later a Regional Internet Registry) responsible for the distribution and management of Internet number resources. This month, the RIPE NCC celebrates 20 years of serving the RIPE community.

Originally set up as part of Réseaux Associés pour la Recherche Européenne (RARE, later TERENA) and with a staff of one (current Chief Scientist Daniel Karrenberg), the RIPE NCC has grown over the past two decades to become a diverse organisation with more than 8,000 members and responsible for a wide range of functions and projects. During this time, the Internet has grown and interwoven with business and society in ways few could have predicted, and the role of the RIPE NCC has evolved to meet a range of new challenges.

During the RIPE 64 Meeting in Ljubljana, Slovenia, there was a plenary session devoted to celebrating this milestone and looking to the future of the RIPE NCC. There was also a quiz for RIPE Meeting attendees on the RIPE NCC's 20 years. The winner of the quiz was Antoin Verschuren, who got all 21 answers correct.

As part of the activity surrounding this anniversary, the RIPE NCC is compiling a timeline of significant milestones in the organisation's development. Below is a first draft of this timeline, but we invite our membership and community to contribute - if you know of any major events that you think should be included in this timeline, or if you have an experience or photograph that you'd like to share, please send details to [email protected].

20 Years of the RIPE NCC

April 1992
  RIPE NCC began
2 April 1992
  RIPE NCC makes flying start - network services available on day one
  RIPE Database moved from EUnet to RIPE NCC
  Launch of
First registry workshop (RIPE 16)  
  Tony Bates (current Skype CEO) joins RIPE NCC
Launch of PRIDE to develop the routing registry  
  First list of LIRs published
  100th member joins RIPE NCC
RIPE Database updated for CIDR  
  First staff shortage due to rapid Internet growth
  RIPE NCC Contributors Committee established
First use of self-declared charging categories (Small, Medium, Large)  
  Minimum charging categories agreed based on resource holdings
Hierarchical authorisation introduced in RIPE Database  
  Test Traffic Measurements (TTM) service began
RIPE NCC moves from NIKHEF to current offices  
  RIPE NCC incorporated as not-for-profit organisation
RIPE NCC starts to operate K-root server  
  1,000th member joins RIPE NCC
RIPE NCC first secretariat of CENTR  
  MoU signed with ICANN to form Address Supporting Organisation (ASO)
Routing Information Service (RIS) launched  
  Axel Pawlik becomes RIPE NCC Managing Director
RIPE NCC makes its first IPv6 allocations  
  2,500th member joins RIPE NCC
Routing Registry Consistency Check (RRCC) started by RIPE NCC  
  Daniel Karrenberg receives Internet Society Jonathan Postel Service Award
RIPE NCC gets involved in developing and implementing DNSSEC  
  Start of NSD design and development with NLnet Labs
  First RIPE NCC Membership Survey
RIPE NCC becomes Tier 0 registry for ENUM  
  Native IPv6 access added to DNS services
  LIR Portal launched
RIPE NCC involved in World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS)  
  Formation of the Number Resource Organization (NRO)
First RIPE NCC Regional Meeting held in Dubai  
  RIPE NCC Regional Meetings held in Moscow and Nairobi
  ICANN recognises AfriNIC as fifth RIR
Formalisation of the RIPE Policy Development Process (PDP)  
  First RIPE NCC Roundtable Meeting for Governments and Regulators
Launch of DNSMON service  
  RIPE NCC E-Learning Centre launched
  RIPE Certification Task Force formed
  32-bit ASNs allocated by the RIPE NCC for the first time
5,000th member joins RIPE NCC  
  RIPE NCC establishes its Customer Service Desk
First Middle East Network Operators Group (MENOG) Meeting  
  First RIPE Meeting to be held in the Middle East
  Launch of RIPE Labs
First IPv6 Training Course  
  Launch of IPv6ActNow website
The RIPE NCC sends its first tweet  
  RIPE Atlas deployed as a pilot project
First RIPE NCC Roundtable Meeting for Law Enforcement Agencies  
  50th RIPE Meeting since formation of the RIPE NCC
Roll out of Internet Number Resource Certification (RPKI)  
  First Eurasia Network Operators Group (ENOG) Meeting
RIPE NCC receives final /8 of IPv4 address space from IANA  
  First RIPE NCC Regional Meeting in South-East Europe (Dubrovnik)
  8,000th member joins RIPE NCC

RIPE NCC staff picture 1997

RIPE NCC staff picture 1997 (first after incorporation of RIPE NCC)