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RIPE NCC in the News

Collection of links to external sites that feature news about the RIPE NCC
Safeguarding the Internet’s Future Growth (IP & TV News)

2012 will see the world run out of IP addresses. The current standard (IPv4) is now on the verge of full depletion, and in the near future devices will only be able to connect to the Internet using the new standard (IPv6). (Source: IP & TV News)

IPv6 by the numbers (Daniweb)

Wednesday 6th June 2012 is World IPv6 Launch Day (no, seriously, it is) and, we have been continually reminded in a Chicken Little fashion, the IPv4 address space sky is falling. (Source: Daniweb)

UK and US lagging on IPv6 adoption as Norway leads the way (

The UK and the US are lagging outside the top 20 nations for IPv6 adoption, despite the depletion of IPv4 addresses and widespread attempts at promoting awareness of the need to migrate to the new protocotol. (Source:

IPv6 - The Independent "Man In The Middle" View (Computerweekly)

In conversation with Axel Pawlik, MD of RIPE NCC (which is obviously better than an unripe version). (Source: Computerweekly)

IPv6 RIPEness: One Year Later (CircleID)

A year ago, the RIPE NCC introduced IPv6 RIPEness — a system that rates IPv6 deployment of Local Internet Registries (LIRs) based on certain criteria. (source: CircleID)

Amount of Unsolicited Internet Traffic Reflecting Situation in Libya

Amount of Unsolicited Internet Traffic Reflecting Situation in Libya During the recent political unrest in the Middle East, researchers have observed significant changes in Internet traffic and connectivity. (source: CircleID)

How a Routing Prefix Travels Through the Internet

What happens when an IP address prefix gets announced or withdrawn. How does this information propagate through the Internet? (source: CircleID)

IPv4 addresses "to be exhausted within six months"

"Deploying IPv6 is now a requirement, not an option.” (source: PC PRO)

Last blocks of IPv4 Net Addresses Set to be Shared

"The future growth and innovation of the internet is now reliant on deployment of IPv6," said Axel Pawlik, Managing Director of the RIPE NCC. (source: BBC)

Internet Almost Out of Space With Allocation of Last Addresses

The Internet Address and Naming Agency (IANA), which doles out blocks of new internet addresses said on Tuesday morning that it will allocate the last seven remaining blocks of IPv4 addresses this month, including three to the overall internet registrar for Asia and the Pacific. (source: The Guardian)