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RIPE NCC in the News

Collection of links to external sites that feature news about the RIPE NCC
Why we need a less fragmented IoT ecosystem

Marco Hogewoning, external relations officer at internet registry organisation RIPE NCC, says it's promising to see such efforts to fight against fragmentation in the IoT industry. But for them to be successful, he'd like to see more manufacturers showing an interest in this cause. (Source: IT Pro Portal)

IPv6 rollout gaining traction but firms must take transition seriously

A lot of people ask whether IPv4 address exhaustion is really an issue. That's a fair question, and the answer is that the continued growth of the Internet is absolutely dependent on IPv6, the successor to IPv4, being deployed on a global scale. (Source:

TRA hosts IPv6 workshops for private and government entities

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA), in cooperation with RIPE NCC, held a series of IPv6 technical training workshops at TRA’s headquarters in Muscat recently. (Source:

Is There a Positive Business Case for IPv6? We Are About to Find Out, If You Help Us…

Large-scale IPv6 deployments suggest that IPv6 is at least a technical success, the technology works. Time to visit the other important question: does it work commercially. Does IPv6 really come with a positive business case? We are about to find out, if you help us... (Source: CircleID).

What do Businesses Need to Know About IPv6?

In 2015, the free pool of IPv4 in North America finally dried up, meaning that everywhere in the world, except for Africa, now has very few addresses left. This is bringing the need for IPv6 into stark focus, with major organisations across a number of different industries throwing their support behind the updated protocol. (Source: IT Pro Portal).

Typical 24: Axel Pawlik, RIPE NCC

I am always amazed at the breadth of activities, requirements and interactions taking place each day at the RIPE NCC. It might not be terribly creative in the traditional sense, but does require occasional out-of-the-box thinking. Some of our projects are very ambitious - RIPE Atlas is a series of almost 9,000 probes dotted around the world, taking measurements and helping us all to improve the Internet. (Source: IDG Connect).

Putting Africa on the Internet Measurement Map

Layer 2 Internet Exchange Point (IXP) NAPAfrica and Workonline Communications, a provider of wholesale IP transit and transport services based in Sub-Saharan Africa, have teamed up with the RIPE NCC to gather Internet data that will help network operators gain further visibility into the structure of the African Internet. (Source: ITWeb).

CRA Conducts Workshop for IPv6 Implementation

Attended by Internet Service Providers (ISPs), government entities, educational institutions, and private companies, the training workshop was delivered by experts from RIPE NCC who have extensive expertise in IPv6 transition and deployment. The training helped build trainees’ technical expertise to drive and support the IPv6 deployment in the state of Qatar (source: Gulf Times).

IPv6 : the future of internet

The continued development of the internet in the Middle East is not without challenges, the most pressing of which is IPv4 exhaustion. This is a global issue that is affecting networks everywhere. (Source: CommsMEA).

IPv6 and the Telecoms Industry

IPv4 is running out and the problems that this causes get more acute every day. How bad is it? ARIN, the regional internet registry covering North America, recently exhausted its supply completely, meaning that companies in the region can now only attain addresses through trading. (Source: Capacity Media).