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RIPE NCC in the News

Collection of links to external sites that feature news about the RIPE NCC
IP Management and the Future of BYOD, Top Tips on IPv6 for Businesses (thedatachain)

Axel Pawlik, Managing Director, RIPE NCC explains how to make sure your business is ready for IPv6. (Source: thedatachain).

Casting a Net Across the Middle East (

The Internet is an incredible resource for growth and innovation; it sparks creativity and connects people across the world, whilst supporting the global economy. (Source:

1000th /22 Allocated From the Last /22 (CircleID)

Last week, we made our 1000th allocation from the final /8 and five months after reaching this point, we can report back on what we've seen so far. (Source: CircleID).

The Great Internet Population Boom: Looking for the Next Trillion Connections (IT Pro Portal)

While it used to be that an Internet-enabled device was a desktop-based terminal, we’re seeing an explosion in everything from smartphones and tablets, to watches, TVs and even fridges. This steady march of progress and innovation means an ever-increasing number of technologies are becoming Internet enabled. (Source: IT Pro Portal).

Why Should SMEs Care About IPv6 (Real Business)

The majority of UK's SMEs could not function without the Internet. So what happens when your website is inaccessible? Axel Pawlik investigates why all business must ensure their websites are IPv6 enabled. (Source: Real Business).

A Look at how the Internet Routes Around Damage: Measuring Global Effects of Storm Sandy (CircleID)

The region in Sandy's path contained two major hubs for international Internet connectivity. We looked at IPv4 traceroutes sent by RIPE Atlas probes to see what they could tell us about the impact that Sandy had on the Internet. (Source: CircleID).

New LIRs and Their IPv6 RIPEness (CircleID)

The RIPE NCC's membership grew steadily over the course of 2012. In Q3, the RIPE NCC received 417 requests to become a Local Internet Registry (LIR); the highest number we have seen so far. This surge in membership growth exceeds the previous record set 12 years ago during the dotcom bubble in 2000. (Source: CircleID).

Scramble for IPv6 Begins as Europe Depletes IPv4 URLs (Info World)

The inevitable exhaustion of IPv4 addresses is drawing nearer, and organizations must start moving to IPv6. (Source: Info World)

Europe Reaches End of IPv4 Addresses (Wall Street Journal Europe)

The European Internet registry RIPE NCC has opened up its last block of IPv4 Internet addresses. The 16.8 million addresses will only be issued in blocks of 1024 to local Internet registries that can prove a specific need and is willing to buy a block of IPv6 addresses at the same time. (Source: Wall Street Journal Europe)

IPv4 Addresses Running Out Warns Internet Registry

According to Axel Pawlik, Managing Director of the RIPE NCC and regular ITProPortal blogger, “The limitations of the pool of IPv4 address space became clear over time, and in the last few years we have been monitoring supplies closely, preparing ourselves and all stakeholders for the next stage of the internet. Reaching the last /8 underlines the importance of IPv6 deployment, which is vital to the future growth of the internet.” (Source: IT Pro Portal)