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RIPE NCC in the News

Collection of links to external sites that feature news about the RIPE NCC
Putting Africa on the Internet Measurement Map

Layer 2 Internet Exchange Point (IXP) NAPAfrica and Workonline Communications, a provider of wholesale IP transit and transport services based in Sub-Saharan Africa, have teamed up with the RIPE NCC to gather Internet data that will help network operators gain further visibility into the structure of the African Internet. (Source: ITWeb).

CRA Conducts Workshop for IPv6 Implementation

Attended by Internet Service Providers (ISPs), government entities, educational institutions, and private companies, the training workshop was delivered by experts from RIPE NCC who have extensive expertise in IPv6 transition and deployment. The training helped build trainees’ technical expertise to drive and support the IPv6 deployment in the state of Qatar (source: Gulf Times).

IPv6 : the future of internet

The continued development of the internet in the Middle East is not without challenges, the most pressing of which is IPv4 exhaustion. This is a global issue that is affecting networks everywhere. (Source: CommsMEA).

IPv6 and the Telecoms Industry

IPv4 is running out and the problems that this causes get more acute every day. How bad is it? ARIN, the regional internet registry covering North America, recently exhausted its supply completely, meaning that companies in the region can now only attain addresses through trading. (Source: Capacity Media).

Almost Time for a New Internet

Less than 65,000 IPv4 addresses remain available for internet exchanges to establish and continue operating in the region says the region's local internet registry. (Source: Bloomberg Businessweek).

Yerevan Hosts RIPE NCC Regional Conference for First Time

Armenian Economy Minister Karen Chshmarityan, greeting participants on behalf of the government, expressed hope that the conference will be not the last event of this kind. “Let's hope that the conference will make a certain contribution not only to development of Internet infrastructure, enhancement of its security, establishment of ties, but also to development of Internet society as a whole,” he said. (Source: Arka Telecom).

What are the consequences of the great IP address sell-off?

A second-hand market for IPv4 addresses is having some odd ramifications (Source: TechRadar).

Firms urged to begin IPv6 switchover as IPv4 address stock dwindles

Businesses and individuals are being urged to start embracing the IPv6 address space as the number of IPv4 addresses nears exhaustion. (Source:

North America has run out of IPv4 Addresses

Yesterday North America finally ran out of IPv4 addresses. This spells trouble for the growth of the internet and it’s a huge challenge for the next billion devices (IoT gadgets, connected cars etc.), which will struggle to become a reality unless IPv6 is widely adopted soon. (Source: IT Pro Portal).

North America has now run out of IPv4 Internet addresses

North America has now run out of IPv4 Internet addresses as the ageing protocol becomes over-burdened and insufficient to power the ever-growing web. New devices now have to use the newer IPv6 as no more IPv4 addresses can be assigned. (Source: Digital Journal).