Anje Roosjen

Expertise: Internet number resources (IPv6, IPv4, ASN), Transfers, LIR portal, Investigations, Training, Regional Internet Registry (RIR) system, Routing Registry, RIPEstat and RIPE Atlas

Anje Roosjen joined the RIPE NCC in 2017 and is currently an Internet Resource Analyst in the Registration Services department. In this role, she works to strengthen the accuracy of the Registry, providing service to our members in handling their resource and transfer requests and auditing member accounts. She is also working as a RIPE NCC trainer, delivering courses to our members across our service region on several topics, including RIPE Database, BGP, RIPEstat, RIPE Atlas and IPv6.

Anje Roosjen has been working in IT for more than 10 years. Prior to joining the RIPE NCC, she was system administrator for various architecture firms and consultancies. Anje holds a MSc degree in Urban Planning from the University of Amsterdam (Netherlands).